Saturday, May 25, 2013


Part five of five in my Social Media Marketing Series

I don't typically read a lot of books. I figure there're too many things to read online, and books don't let me open new tabs about about recent studies on childcare or inbox notifications. I like to multitask, though I know there are several benefits to slowing down a bit with a decent read that holds my interest.


Accordingly, I probably won't ever do a book review... Or mention many books (ideally I would like that all to change). All of this pomp leads to mentioning only one of the several outlets designed to satisfy best practice needs in social media marketing: Mark Schaefer's The Tao of Twitter: Changing Your Life and Business 140 Characters at a Time


I won't give it all away, but most notably, he mentions his four safest rules to satisfy the twitter marketer:

1. Three tweets, three times a day. (Don't be afraid to tweet outside your industry!)
2. Respond diligently to tweets and direct messages.
3. Re-tweet your followers a few times a day
4. Tweet a #FF Follow Friday every Friday (but don't bog down the tweet!)

I'll expand a bit on No. 4. If you use the twitter "search bar" you can combine hashtags to search for notable picks within your industry! For example, type in "#FF #HigherEd" and you'll find schools, University marketers and just interested folks encouraging their picks to follow for the upcoming weekend. This is a great networking opportunity, that I find many industries (including Higher Ed) are often missing out on. 

There's no "perfect scheme" when it comes to Social Media in any industry. It's important to keep our ears and eyes open when it comes to new technology, and never believe that you've got it all figured out--after all, there are entire careers based on the continued mastering of this fluid infrastructure

This will be my last Social Media Marketing Post for a while--I encourage readers to look to Mashable in my absence... (Yes, I am clearly comparing my itty-bitty, five post SMM series to arguably the largest Social Media news outlet in the world...). Mashable has all of the latest trends in Social Media, including the Higher Education industry. From articles on The Most Important Education Technology in 200 Years, to Harvard Teams Up With Foursquare For Collegiate Check-Ins to 15 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed. Their aim to help folks in the world of social media should keep you out of trouble until I get back. 



  1. Excellent read! And yes, I just headed over to Mashable, and they are huge! I also recommend Social Media Examiner. You had a great series on here, and it was very informative! Keep posting!

  2. Thanks, Jason. I really appreciate that!!!

  3. Mark Schaefer's The Tao of Twitter definitely had some great "basics" to get a beginner started; interestingly enough, though, his general four rules probably wouldn't be a strategy I would recommend to a client trying to build a strong social presence. But again, great basics for anyone starting out on Twitter.

    Excellent job on your SMM series! They were interesting reads! :)