Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Or, you might say, just really scary.

I'm a sucker for ghost stories.
I just am.

I know that when I see Paranormal State, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, My Ghost Story or, hell, Long Island Medium, that I am viewing something that was produced for entertainment. There's almost no way that these aren't manufactured to look more legitimate than they are.

But I can't help it!

My favorite of the above list of programs: Ghost Adventures and Long Island Medium. I've watched with a skeptical eye for as long as I can remember. It comes from being the daughter of a dad who would watch a magic act at a kids birthday party and say to me as sarcastically as possible "oh, yea. Magic." He has always been the biggest realist I've ever met. His catch phrase when watching ANY fictional movie has always been " well that could never happen."

I never watched paranormal television with Danny, as I always believed him the same skeptic that my father is, but lately we've been watching Ghost Adventures. No, we've been addicted/committed to Ghost Adventures--we make every attempt to watch new episodes every Friday night at 9, 8 central. And I've more recently been hooked on Long Island Medium.

I hate NJ/NY accents. They bug me almost as much as Bostonian or Maine accents. I also shake my head at big hair, dragon-lady fingernails, cougars and reality television. It makes almost no sense that this show would grab me--but it has! First of all, Theresa's father is adorable, and any cameo appearance that he makes is just wholesome gold in my book. Also, there's no drama. Dramatic nothing-fights will immediately make me change the channel, no matter what I'm watching.

Theresa talks about how she used to see dead people, beginning at the age of 4, and that it would terrify her. She eventually learned to block them out so much that she no longer sees them, but she feels the presence of them, and that they are with loved ones in Spirit form almost all the time. One validating point that she makes is that "everyone" has powers like hers, but that they are felt on a much lower level You could ask almost everyone and they'll admit that they have uttered the phrase "I feel like ____ was there with me when I was ____." Watch the show. Though I know that a lot of content from her "30 minute readings" are taken out, the televised portions are very moving and eerily accurate. (While the information she channels is often not known to anyone but the loved-one at hand, it's important to note that Theresa's also not necessarily smart enough to cold-read or use a Google search engine.)

Now, Ghost Adventures. Yes, they are very over-the-top. Yes, their use of "dude" and "bro" and "check out my goosebumps" is a little much, but boy are they passionate about what they do. So much so that they may (and often talk about) have trouble with relationships for the rest of their lives. They use Mel Meters, infrared, Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) recorders, night vision cameras and even just their eyes and ears to detect the presence of spirits. One enormous validating point is that they don't ALWAYS find paranormal activity. Sure, every episode has SOME unexplained evidence (some more than others), but often then will set up cameras, provoke spirits using trigger objects, taunting, etc., and receive NO sign of activity. Additionally, when they DO have suspicious findings, they always try and debunk it as completely normal physical/expected occurrences, and quite frequently that is the case.


As hard as it is to believe the "unexplained" ... when you think about it, I really don't feel like it's THAT hard to believe. I think that it's a little pompous to say "I'll believe it when I see it," because countless people have said that and they now consider themselves "believers." To think that way is really to say "you're lying" to EVERY person who's ever seen the apparition of a ghost, heard a loved one speak to them, taken a picture or recorded their exact movement or voices. I just don't think that I could do that if I really considered myself an accepting person with an open mind.
I just figure I'd rather be an open minded sucker than a close minded person...with nothing to watch on Friday night.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Left: Ella, Right: Rory

Miss Ella Stiles:

Miss Rory Kazuya


Allow me to Introduce....

I've only ever known him as "Danny," and introducing him as "Dan" (which he's known by his colleagues as) is awkward and actually feels like a lie.
We met in undergrad and he now works for Southern New Hampshire University's College for America program. We got married on October 12, 2008, just a few short months after I graduated.
Danny holds a Bachelor's in Sport Management, an Master's in Sport Management, a Grad certificate in Non Profit Leadership a Grad certificate in International Business....and he's still in school!
Danny is a obsessively clean, a supportive husband, an awesome daddy and a Liverpool FC enthusiast.

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