Saturday, October 5, 2013


The Young Mom Files

I was the first of my friends to get engaged and married six and five years ago -- I was also the first to have babies.

Maybe past generations of women just finished College, married up, had kids, and joined the ranks of everyone else doing the same thing. But today, women don’t seem to feel the same social tug (thank you Sex & the City). So what happens when your life goes the way of binkies and breastmilk while your peers are still enjoying impulsivity and predictable moments of time?

You turn to your day-planner -- or at least I do. I’ve come to realize that unless I make a conscious effort (between diapers, work, laundry and some ABCs), there is no way I will “just know” what’s come into vogue in that same way it seemed that we all did osmosis as a teenager. It’s not so much a hobby as it is a chore that sort of pays off when you get to have social conversations or head to the mall (and by “the mall” I mean to Target). 

 “I love your frames! Where did you get those?” I heard on the second and third day after purchasing my first script specs last week. I spent nearly a week online and in fashion mags picking out those "stylish" frames. Trying them on in fiction, actual test-driving of others  -- it was during times like these, when my kids are playing, well-fed and dressed (er, warm and comfortable -- their version of “dressed”), and my husband is watching the soccer game (go Liverpool!) 

But the game just ended, and we’ve got a full Saturday ahead of us. 

I don’t regret my time spent as a wife and a mother -- it's been a trade off, as every decision is at this age. And if you’re in the same position, then welcome. The chance to read a blog is a time-luxury we get to appreciate more than some of our other twenty-something peers. Take the last 2 minutes and 53 seconds of this luxury and create a wishlist on ModCloth or surf the waves of BuzzFeed or find a friend in HelloGiggles -- your impromptu conversations of tomorrow will thank you for it.