Sunday, February 2, 2014


1. You swore you wouldn't open another person's link marked "OMG this was soo true!"
But you noticed that it was from BUZZFEED and worried a little that you might be the only person that didn't read a topical one.

2. Ok, you'll only read 3 of the 37 signs you're no longer in high school.
But those three were really good.

3. Fine then, I'll stick to ONLY the text in bold.

4. Math
Aka countdowns, aka numbers, aka little snooty symbols of importance. How did we all become so hooked on a site that so often requires counting?

5. Making bathroom breaks less productive than they should be.
I mean, I know it always required your phone anyhow... but Jesus Christ, this break is now running into your lunch hour.

4. Math.
Aka countdowns,  aka numbers -- Math makes everything worse.

7.  An infinite (mobile) homepage.
How is anyone supposed to be satisfied with this website? If the act of "scrolling down" has no end? My laptop, phone, tablet.. how will I ever know if I've missed something. If I remember what happen in the News three years ago, I'm gonna need to know 12 reasons it was all a lie.

8. Quizzes.
Want to know if you have too much free time on your hands? Take Buzzfeed's 67 question quiz and find out. (And you will.)

9. Their Mobile App
Wait, Buzzfeed has a Mobile App? I'll look into it once I get to the end of this homepage.

10. Repetitive Lists
I know the 59 reasons My Life didn't turn out like Boy Meets World....but I have yet to find out the 51 reasons I'll never be Cory & Topanga.