Sunday, March 30, 2014


Social Media Strategy: Future Implications

Social Media is changing almost faster than anyone can keep up. Now, I’m not claiming to own a crystal ball or anything, but there are at least a few signs-of-the-times that can help us monitor where SMM is headed and how it might affect YOUR business.

1 Algorithms Changing Your Visibility

It’s not just Google crawlers that are getting smarter, Facebook’s recent algorithm changes aim to limit the potentially irrelevant content that reaches Facebook users. But is it irrelevant? Any reach is better than no reach, and if you’re not organically reaching users, you’re paying to. In a March 27, 2014 article, Viral Nova publically admitted that Facebook’s new algorithm changes caused their organic reach to “suffer.” Facebook initially called the algorithm changes “EdgeRank,” but I would’ve gone with something more like “OrganiKiller,” or “Number Dumber” or “Steve.”

2 Emerging Content Management Tools

Most Social Media Marketers are familiar with tools like Hootsuite, TweetDeck, Sprout Social, Bitly, Owly, -- the list goes on. Many applications, like Buffer are relative toddlers at only 2, yet have garnered over a million registered users. Businesses are only producing MORE data as time goes on, and the tools to deliver it, monitor it and analyze it are becoming ever popular and more competitive (this should be good news for your wallet, as the principles of capitalism still apply.)

3 Our Obsession with “Top 10” Lists

Or Top 11, or 30, or 27, or hell, if they’re pithy, Top 98. I’m convinced that short-attention-span America was behind the making of Buzzfeed, Best Week Ever, and animated .gifs. Time is precious, and becoming more-so as we collectively discover that there is never going to be enough time to learn everything that could possibly interest us (thank you, Information Age.) If your company can blog a reasonably numbered “top” list of ANYTHING, you’re more likely to get a nibble -- and if it’s a good list, sit tight to see it shared.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Viral Marketing Initiatives

If it’s gone viral, you know it’s contagious.
Whether-you-like-it-or-not, if you come within an inch of a virus, you know you’re gonna experience the whole damn thing. This is what we know to be medically and marketingly true. And yes, I said marketingly.

Whether you’re witnessing a natural disaster or Miley Cyrus (a lateral move) it’s hard to look away sometimes -- it’s like-nothing-else-we’ve-ever-seen. We also may feel the need to unload our virus onto others. This is why I’ve grabbed five noteworthy traits of a virus: in case you were unaware that it was happening to you.

Timely Material
The same as different illnesses have different incubation periods, so too does sharable or contagious marketing content. For instance, Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” were released some time in the past, and still make a relevant impact on women today. This marketing campaign showed that women are much harder on themselves than other people are on them -- and as we all give a collective “duh,” this was beautifully and emotionally portrayed. Meanwhile, there are some great and highly share-worthy Superbowl Ads that may make an impact on Monday, but no-body thinks youre cool for sharing them in March. (It’s probably assumed you’ve been in a coma for two months anyhow.)

Compelling Content
You know it when you see it… You see the pointer on your screen creep closer and closer to that conveniently located little “share” button.. Before you know it, you’ve let the rest of the world know “I’ve just found something might too.” Compelling content comes in many, many, many forms… And this is where it is different things to different people. The same as many people have different immune systems that help fight a virus, well that’s what this is about. Notice how you have 500+ friends on Facebook, and only 15 of them thought this was worth a like? That’s because 105 of them are more immune to this type of content, and the other 370+ have fallen prey to Facebook’s most recent algorithm for seeing stuff. Essentially, they weren’t even in the room.

The Stars Align
There was a scholarly article in Paris, France Published by Kapal and Haenlein in 1996 that spoke of “giving the right message to the right messengers in the right environment.” This is another all-encompassing, all-perfect, broad-sweeping sort of statement. Vague, but true. Know your people, know you place, and know your message. Doctors Without Borders can’t just post a message about Syrian conflict and death on any given Sunday. While every American human can empathize with wanting to feel protected by their Government, they need to hear this sort of message immediately after some sort of an attack on humanity. Absolute relevance must not be underestimated!

4. Interactivity
Marketers must, must, must, must give their viewers an opportunity to engage. There must be an option to EASILY share content to their chosen circle of friends. This may seem obvious, but don’t just create a rockin commercial about a relevant turn of events that totally rocks their world. You need to post it online. On Facebook, on Twitter, Upload it to YouTube, sell your soul to UpWorthy -- whatever it takes! Just make sure your viewers don’t say “WOW. That’s effing phenomenal… My friends have never seen anything like it.. ...but my computer’s way over there. Where my popcorn at? Oh. The Show’s back on.”
Get your content on Social Media channels and make sure it’s seen.

5. Leave it Be
Yea, you did a great job, uber marketing guy. But you can’t keep tootin’ your own horn if you want this to be an authentic viral marketing piece. Sure, popularity is wonderful, I mean, obviously the hashtag is the official symbol of Attention Seekers International (and feel free to use it.) But don’t base the success of your campaign on impressions collected by your fellow twitter followers. An impression isn’t enough -- you need to see that those who have viewed your content have passed it onto their friends and relations. If your story isn’t getting a nudge, all the paid advertisement in the world isn’t going to make this content go viral. #ColdHardTruth.