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Don’t Purchase a List

1 There are no Opt-Ins
If you purchase even qualified e-mail contacts, every one of those contacts has no idea that you, specifically, are going to be sending them an e-mail. At all. They may have some crazy idea that their e-mail address is up for sale in some obscure database, but generally they’re banking on their spam filter to filter you out. Which it might do.

2 Rely on your Company’s Magnitude
Allow potential customers to find YOU. Place an e-mail/newsletter sign-up field on your company website. A lot of e-mail marketing tools like Constant Contact have widgets/apps that can be applied to Facebook Company pages for easy opt-in sign ups.

3 Rely on your own Mining efforts
You know where your clients are, right? For instance, if you’re a B2B software company, you might sponsor tradeshows and have the option of gathering leads from registerants / event attendees.

4 Card collecting
I represent my company everywhere I go. Given me your card? You’ll be hearing from me.

Purchase a List

5 Get References
So you think you’ve found a few contenders for list purchases? Which one has the best references? Like, real references. Someone who’s willing to put their real name on the line for recommending services. Someone with actual data as to how their List Purchase experience went.

6 Verify bounce rate, accuracy and resell
Generally, a hard bounce rate of 15% or lower should be guaranteed. List providers need to provide a contract which outlines that contacts will be replaced if a hard bounce is above an agreed upon percentage. Aim for the highest accuracy guarantee possible (>85%) and an understanding of how many times each contact is sold in a given year. (This based on my own personal experience purchasing lists)

7 Have an idea of ROI
The margins are thin. Do you know how much an average sale will bring you? Do you know the lead conversion rate of your industry? These are all important things to hunt down before making the list purchase leap.

8 Onboard and Segment like a Boss
Once you have an insane e-mail marketing campaign lined out, know how to onboard your list to your e-mail marketing platform. Are you e-mailing to several different regions? Are you e-mailing across verticals? These all need to be captured and tagged as best as you can - making e-mail campaigns are relevant and as personal as possible is the only way to go.

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